VR Bangers Offering VR Headsets to Fertility Clinic


VR Bangers Offering VR Headsets to Fertility Clinic

It’s rare to hear a story where adult entertainment is playing a supporting role in the healthcare industry. Yet that’s the case since VR Bangers stepped up to the plate to supply VR headsets to aid clients in fertility clinics.

Millions of people utilize fertility centers for IVF and other services aimed at helping them conceive. For people who are having trouble getting pregnant, the IVF experience can be a true gift but it also comes with awkward moments along the way. For example, getting the actual sperm for use in a lab setting can be kind of tricky. So VRBangers.com stepped forward with a high-tech solution.

In the past, clinics have provided a few random “men’s magazines” or some outdated porn DVDs to aid its clients in making a “deposit.” Now, VR Bangers is offering its proprietary tech from its virtual reality adult site—4K Ultra HD VR porn movies and free VR headsets—to clients of fertility centers.

“We are very sensitive to all of our patients’ needs and the stress of collecting a sperm specimen in a doctor’s office is a major source of stress for our male patients,” explained Dr. Richard Paulson of the USC Los Angeles Fertility Center. “The virtual reality unit from VR Bangers offers the patient an opportunity to leave, in a virtual way, the stressful environment of the collection room and makes the experience more pleasant.”

Pre-loaded with award winning VR Porn 360° experiences, as soon as a client slips on the headset they are quickly transported into another (virtual) world, away from the clinically asexual room that reinforces the pressures of IVF to a far more erotic environment. In the world of virtual reality, you can really be just about anywhere. Do you prefer an Asian geisha? Perhaps you’d rather enjoy a cute blonde pizza delivery girl in a sexy hotel room, or maybe you’d like to get frisky in a tent on a camping trip? Bringing fully immersive fantasies to this important medical process is changing the way couples look at the entire In Vitro Fertilization experience.

“We’re proud of being the first VR adult entertainment company in the world to provide this kind of technology for people in fertility centers, like the work we are doing with USC Los Angeles. In the coming months I look forward to bringing relief to many other clinics around the world,” said Daniel Abramovich of VR Bangers. “Human sexuality and the procreation of our species are important aspects of a healthy life for every family. Anything we can do to ease the hardship of people going through the IVF process with our award-winning hardcore content is something we are eager to offer people everywhere.”

To learn more, check out VRBangers.com/business.