Squirt-A-Holic 2 – Movie Review


    Content: 3.5/5 stars

    Running Time: 1 hour, 47 minutes

    Cast: Adriana Chechik, Zoey Monroe, Lena Paul, Ashley Adams, Mick Blue, James Deen, Mr. Pete, Roman Nomar

    Directed by: William H.

    Genres: All Sex, Squirting

    Condoms: No

    Audio/Video: “Shot in HD” according to the DVD box-art (occasionally, peculiar drops in frame-rate seem present during the most intense parts of intercourse).

    Bonus Scenes: Angel Smalls and Roman Nomar in Gushers and Veronica Rodriguez and Roman Nomar inLatina Squirt Goddess.

    Extras: “Pick Your Pleasure” scene selections, behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, cumshot recap, trailers, lingerie advertisements

    Overview: New Sensations’ Squirt-a-Holic 2 shows sultry super-soakers at their most sexually rambunctious and impressive, with four hot names in porn right now handling their men well but their insatiable squirting appetites even better.

    Scene 1: Adriana Chechik and Mick Blue

    Adriana Chechik, one of the prettiest and most adventurous women in porn, starts the opening scene of Squirt-a-Holic 2 by flaunting her flawless body, dancing back and forth as we witness her curves so beautifully move. Mick Blue enters soon after, already making her squirt through her panties as he vigorously rubs her snatch. She starts sucking his dock sloppy, drool and slobber falling out of her mouth in a myriad of directions.

    As soon as she sits on his lap, she’s treated to multiple bouts of violent squirting, to which she can’t help but wail. It takes a lot out of her, requiring several frequent interruptions of sex by way of a sloppy, uncontrollable blowjob that leaves her eyes rolling and her mouth agape with spit and saliva. Mick eventually tries to get her under controlling, getting her in position for a rousing doggystyle, then missionary where she can show off her beautiful riding techniques that tease and favor the head of Mick’s penis.

    Mick soon goes on to instruct her blowjob sessions, getting her into a quick but robust throatfuck that leaves spit coating her face and gliding down her eye. She leaves it when it comes time to spoon-fuck, and the fact that Adriana repeatedly suffocates herself deepthroating Mick shows her dedication for the umpteenth time in her career. Reverse cowgirl and another impromptu doggy conclude the scene and leave Adriana soaking Mick and the camera. Mick cums a heaping load down her throat and that’s a wrap on a very inviting, briskly paced opener. 3.5/5 stars.

    Scene 2: Zoey Monroe and James Deen

    Purple is clearly Zoey Monroe’s color as it helps boast her lovely assets that she can’t help but flaunt and wiggle. Her ass is her defining feature, pronounced with the deep purple color of her bikini bottoms, shown perfectly as she shakes it before the camera awaiting her stud to come in and help her soak the audience.

    There’s fewer men more qualified for such a tall order than James Deen, who digs into those panties right away and gets them sopping wet early on. Zoey sprays in the air, immediately receptive to the powerful hand of James before she has some cocksucking to do. Piledriving Zoey proves to be an effective way to set off her waterworks, for when she squirts, she blasts the camera, James, and the leather footrest on which she fucks with her warm secretions. Her juices are shown not only to soak the footrest, but form a puddle on the floor, so sloppy and wet that it would make Cytheria blush in awe at this girl’s incredible potential.

    Zoey’s eyes endlessly flutter adorably as she’s spooned and rammed by James as he stares into her eyes, something that continues when it comes time for doggystyle. “It’s so goddamn good,” she moans to James as he grabs her leg and pulls it up as he takes over bent over the couch. This way, we can see her squirt freely, without restraint. She lies on her stomach – in perhaps the cutest position of the scene – as James works her ass while she manages to moisten the cushions on which she rests.

    James concludes by blasting a large load on her face and chest as she stares up at him, sucking his dick wide-eyed and excited, ending things herself by squirting a tidal wave to say goodbye. Give this woman a much-deserved medal. 3.5/5 stars.

    Scene 3: Lena Paul and Mr. Pete

    Lena Paul knows all the right moves during her introductory moments. She jiggles and massages her tits and twerks her booty in a way that makes her groove and shimmy as nicely. Soon after her quick intro, Mr. Pete enters and prompt licks Lena’s furry bush, fingering her to make her squirt as if he’s warming up her engine. Lena reciprocates with a lovingly romantic blowjob, letting her mouth do most of the work and not offering any handwork until late in the game. Her eye contact is piercing and she never seems to miss a beat as she caters to his balls as well.

    She arches her back so Mr. Pete can enter and he does so smoothly, pounding away, remarking how tight and wet she is upon entry. He’s rough with her, yet she seems to love it, tasting herself while she’s penetrated deeply. Reverse cowgirl has her breasts flailing in the air and her pussy moistening, making for a slippery surface on which to fuck. “I want you to fuck my tits,” she unexpectedly demands forcing Pete to cease sex so he can slide his cock between her buxom chest, cushioned by the breasts that encase his cock.

    She smiles as her ass is slapped in missionary, sending her into a squirting tizzy late in the home-stretch before a cumshot on her boobs puts a bow on the scene. Despite Lena’s energy and charisma here, there’s an element of messier editing present here than before, which works to handicap much of the quality leading up to this point. 3/5 stars.

    Scene 4: Ashley Adams and Ramon Nomar

    Dark contrast videography makes Ashley Adams’ bright skin pop out even more, despite the presence of deep-black fishnets. She dribbles her butt in midair, plays with her pussy, and grinds for the camera in a jaw-droppingly arousing display of sensual foreplay.

    Roman enjoys her fishnet clad waist immediately upon entering, segwaying smoothly from her crotch to gripping the thick cheeks of her behind to start things. He eventually grows impatient, and so does she as she can’t help but jerk him off. She goes right for his cock in a lovely blowjob as soon as he drops his pants, fearlessly gagging on it and twisting her head on his shaft. She hops atop him for missionary, throwing herself around so wildly it’s surprising neither one of them get whiplash. Ashley squirts as soon as she uses her hand to help herself out, aiding missionary by plugging her butthole up as if to force her juices out of her vagina. She keeps up her insane pace in reverse cowgirl, her crotch front and center on the screen for us to see.

    Mr. Pete winds up choking her out as the two spoon, Ashley remaining pretty dry save for some dribbles to show appreciation. She pretzels herself on her back, holding her legs back by the heels of her shoes so she’s in position not only to squirt but to allow Pete’s deep penetration to sexually stimulate her. Mr. Pete ends things by suspending her in the air, with a low-angle shot of her pussy grinding on his dick being the focal point. We see her squirt one final time before she cums all over her mouth and chin. Ashley’s performance is undoubtedly spirited, but only because she essentially has to make up for her fairly dry squirting performance that sadly concludes the DVD on a duller note. 3/5 stars.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s always a tad disappointing to see a fairly strong start to a DVD end so disappointingly, but crediting Squirt-a-Holic 2 for what it does well isn’t hard. This is a fun DVD with a lot of energetic personalities showing off their slippery talents here, particularly Adriana Chechik, who shows how much she throws herself into the thesis of a scene even when she’s given no character to work with. Let it be known – squirting isn’t an easy thing for all women, and for some, it’s as difficult as men unleashing a perfectly timed cumshot for their ladies.

    Having said that, a DVD with the same thesis could’ve been far less consistent, or worse, misleading. Part of the fun of watching the barrage of squirting videos online is waiting for that exciting moment, yet that can also breed a great deal of impatience and fussy scouring for that exact moment. Squirt-a-Holic 2 gives you what you desire while flooding the release with a lot of fun from the ladies that goes beyond their immaculate vaginal talent.