Sex Talk With My Mom Road Trip (Part 1) Los Angeles To Sedona With 2 Dogs – car ride is insane!


Pt 1 of our road trip with our dogs from Los Angeles to Chicago. This hilarious trip shows off our sense of humor in some crazy situations. Sex talk with my mom road trip – what’s more fun? Do you want to support our shows? Check out our Patreon page! Listen and subscribe to the podcast here!… Sex Talk With My Mom offers sex, dating, and relationship advice while exploring the dynamic between a sexually-liberated, Cougar mom and her stand-up comic son. KarenLee Poter is a 50+ year old woman and self-proclaimed cougar. She hosts a popular YouTube channel, The KarenLee Poter Show & Blog, about dating, sex, love, and everything in between. She’s an expert in large age-gap relationships and recently published her first book, “A Cougar’s Guide to Getting Your A** Back Out There.” Conversely, her son Cam is a sex novice. He’s a stand-up comedian who examines sex and dating from the perspective of a guy in his 20’s. He studied Public Policy at Stanford University, which surprisingly doesn’t come in handy when talking about sex with his mother.  Follow them: Instagram –… Facebook –…   Twitter – Email –     [email protected]