Penthouse Pet Mary Moody Talks About Her First Time … on Camera


Penthouse Pet Mary Moody Talks About Her First Time ... on Camera

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—After one has been in the adult industry for a while, it’s easy to become blasé about a performer’s very first time having sex in front of the camera—so we were pleased that we were afforded the opportunity to follow the path taken by cam-girl-turned-Pet-turned-XXX-performer Mary Moody, whose very first on-camera sex scene will be available on on Friday.

“Camming is something that I had researched online for actually a good year or two before I ever started doing it, in May of 2016,” Mary told AVN. “I had been thinking about it for a long time, and I quit a boring office job I didn’t like and decided to finally try it. It’s been really great. It’s definitely the best job I’ve ever had. I really enjoy it. Right now, I believe I have about 130,000 followers on Chaturbate.”

As it turned out, one of those followers was top photographer Tammy Sands, who frequently checks out cam girls on the web to find ones that might be ready to branch out—and in this case, Sands offered Moody the chance to be a Penthouse Pet.

“Tammy actually contacted me on Twitter. I post snapshot videos on my Twitter account, and she said she saw those videos and she asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot with Penthouse,” Mary recalled. “She’s the one who shot me for the cover of the November 2016 issue, and my Pet layout as well.”

Turns out the Penthouse-reading public really took to the tiny (5’4″) brunette’s fresh young look, and that led Penthouse owner Kelly Holland to offer Mary a chance to do her first hardcore scene for the company’s website—but she didn’t accept right away.

“I thought about it for a while,” Mary admitted. “I definitely wanted to do more than just camming, and I wanted to try girl/girl; I had never been with a girl but I was excited to try it. I don’t know; I guess I just wanted something more. Camming can get a little repetitive, so I wanted to explore more in the business.”

But in the end, it was an offer Mary couldn’t refuse, especially after she found out that they planned to pair her up with the reigning 2016 Pet of the Year, Jenna Sativa.

“Jenna’s a great leader when it comes to girl/girl content,” noted the scene’s director, Don Won Demarco, “so we wanted to make sure we had someone leading us in a scene like this, and Mary, it being her first time and also a Pet, it was a natural selection for the company. And of course, we wanted to be the first to grab her on something that was as special as this, and of course it was 100 percent her idea to want to finally dive into something like this. She’s just been a cam model in the past and now she’s a full-fledged porn star, as we christened her at Penthouse.”

Although an experienced XXX director with another company under another name, the scene was Demarco’s first for Penthouse—and he liked it just fine.

“Because of the way we like to run the set, I believe it was pretty much a party,” Demarco said. “I think it’s important to have a conversation with both girls before they work together to find out where they are in their head space, and so I try to do that, and then I like to get us all together in the same room and have a conversation on how the flow of the scene’s gonna go, and maybe there’s a leader, someone who can help lead the scene, or maybe both girls like to lead; it just depends on how the conversation goes.

“In this case, it was Mary’s first time—I mean, she didn’t even understand what it meant when we were yelling out things like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna do soft now’,” he added. “I mean, she wasn’t even sure what those things were, and you forget that when you’re dealing with a new model, so you have to stop and educate them for a moment about what some of the terminology is that you’ve been used to hearing for so long. But those were the things that made her nervous. The part that made her excited was that she’s had this tremendous fantasy about being with a woman for so long, and the truth is, she’s never been with a woman in her private life, so this was sort of a cherry-popper on both sides, and I think it came out fantastic.”

And what does Mary think?

“It was a lot of fun. Jenna made it so easy for me,” she said. “It was really easy and fun to work with her. I’d never been with a girl, but it was not difficult at all. It went really well.”

Jenna totally agrees, for a number of reasons.

“Mary Moody has such soft yummy lips, I can’t wait to kiss her again,” the veteran performer giggled. “I’m so stoked for the release of Mary Moody’s first girl/girl scene; she was such a treat for me and I can’t wait for our fans to enjoy our scene!”

Although we haven’t been able to see the scene yet, Demarco was kind enough to preview it for us.

“It was a hot summer day, and we shot in the beautiful sunlight gleaming through the oak trees, and the girls enjoyed a water spray party in and around this classic car we were using, and then ultimately they had sex up on top of the hood of this ’67 red Camaro, so it’s just a beautiful scene,” he said.

But wait; haven’t daytime temperatures been hovering around 100 degree mark in the San Fernando Valley for the past few weeks? And these women were supposed to have sex on the hood of a car in the middle of all that heat?

“It was a scorcher,” he admitted, “but we got under that oak tree and it created just enough shade to cool down the metal, and with our amazing lighting team, we were able to capture the light just perfectly. I was impressed; it was my first time working with Penthouse and I was just so impressed with the way the company handles the models and the way they provide the crew; all of that just made my job as a director almost effortless, and of course, working with such beautiful girls, the camera doesn’t lie and you can clearly see that in the way this thing was shot.”

With her first XXX scene under her belt (so to speak), we asked Mary what plans she has for the future.

“Well, I’m definitely going to continue camming,” she said, “and as much as I enjoyed working with Jenna, I’m not sure whether I want to add a partner to my cam shows. I don’t have any plans for that, but it’s not out of the question—and if I do, it will be a girl.”

And what about more hardcore?

“Eventually, yes; I’m not in an enormous rush to do a million videos, but I definitely am talking to some people.”

In the meantime, besides her cam work, Mary plans to spend time with her dog at the dog park, and hanging out with friends. Besides that, “I like reading, watching TV; nothing super out of the ordinary.”

And yet … we can’t help but get the feeling that all that may change.

“There’s lots of social media out there talking about the scene, and everybody seems anxious to see it,” Demarco noted. “We’ve posted a lot of material showing how the whole thing was put together and we’re very excited about it. We think this could easily be a big break for Mary, and we’re all rooting for her.”

So look for this as-yet-untitled scene between Jenna Sativa and Mary Moody on to drop on Friday, July 21.