HOW MANY FREAKIN GENDERS – part 2 (feminism & my take)


my problems with both sides.  fire up teh rage posts PART ONE:… CONTACT ME: tweet me your thoughts – facebook –… tumblr – — LIVESTREAM DETAILS WHAT: In this livestream, Laci talks to an anti-feminist, a radical feminist, and a liberal feminist who each use the internet to discuss their views.  She will explore their position, ask questions, and invite the audience to submit questions on Twitter. WHO: Blaire White – a transgender youtuber who makes videos critical of feminism.   Meghan Murphy – founder of the feminist current, a radical feminist blog.  Contra Points – a non-binary youtuber who makes videos about gender and politics. WHEN:  Thursday July 13th, 1-4:30PM Pacific time, 4PM eastern time Convert to your time zone here: The full stream will be available afterward on this channel. (Link here) WHERE: WHY: To discuss feminist and anti-feminist perspectives of gender HOW: 2 parts hot mess, 1 part magic — MORE FROM ME ON GENDER & SEX: Let trans people use the bathroom –… Intersex –… Abortion under attack –… Conversion therapy exposed for what it is: abuse –… Transgender adventure –… VIDEO SUMMARY In part two of her “How Many Freaking Genders?” video, Laci continues to build her argument about the nature of gender and how to address inequality.  To do so, she wades into the deep tensions between two feminist schools of thought: radical feminism and liberal feminism.  She gives a brief rundown of how she interprets each school, and then questions a key tenet from each school.  Regarding radical feminism, Laci is critical of their erasure of gender identity.  Regarding liberal feminism, she is critical of their erasure of sex.  In preparation for the livestream, Laci will attempt to reconcile these viewpoints.