Fresh Faces: Whitney Wright


Fresh Faces: Whitney Wright

LOS ANGELES—Whitney Wright’s sense of adventure extends beyond breaking into porn in September.

Last year alone the 25-year-old native of Oklahoma City visited 16 different countries.

“I went to 14 of them by myself because no one else could come,” Wright says. “I don’t want to be 80 and be like, ‘I wish I went to Europe but none of my friends could come at the time.’

“I didn’t know anyone in the industry that well to bring them with me and everyone back home just couldn’t do it. So I just started going everywhere. I went to Brazil, the Middle East, Thailand, Korea, Europe…”

She went to Belize, spent time in Venice, Italy, and explored Mykonos, Greece. She enjoyed Paris in October so much that she went back in February.

“I always tell people that if I could live anywhere besides LA that it would be in Paris in my own little flat. That’s the dream,” Wright reveals. “I’ve always been obsessed with the idea because it’s a really great city.”

For the moment though, Wright is continuing to make inroads in the porn capital of the world, racking up credits en route to becoming one of this year’s most promising up-and-coming performers.

“I’ve always been really impulsive,” says the former nursing student, pharmacy technician and stripper who is signed with Plush Talent. “I just like jumped in it. My agent’s old publicist found me and referred me to him. I was like ‘Yeah, I’m ready to come out and do the full thing.’”

She warmed to the task with performances for FTV Girls, Amateur Allure and Swallow Salon “and I loved it.”

“It was so much fun,” Wright says. “I loved getting my makeup done. I’ve always been really sexually curious. Because I went to a private Christian school my whole life from kindergarten to senior year. It was very strict. We weren’t allowed to date. We didn’t have any proms or anything.”

To say Wright has been making up for lost time would be an understatement.

So far she has gone hardcore for Digital Sin (Family Friendly), Devil’s Film (Boffing the Babysitter 24) and Lethal Hardcore (Me, My Stepdaddy and My BFF), not to mention Girlfriends Films (Cheer Squad Sleepovers 22) and Airerose Entertainment (Lesbian Schoolgirls). She’s also begun what she calls “the anal portion of my career,” giving it up for the first time on camera for Greg Lansky’s Tushy (“I Think I Can Help”) before also delivering for Hard X (“Wright for Anal“) and Mike Adriano/Evil Angel (Asshole Auditions 2), among other anal encounters coming soon.

Wright cites her Tushy scene with three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue as her favorite so far.

“Tushy for sure. I loved working with them. I feel like it came out really well. That one will always be the one that I’m most proud of because I feel like I worked hard,” she says.

“Hard X I loved. I started getting into anal because I knew it was coming and I already did it in my private life. I was like yes, bring on all the anal. I feel like Tushy, Hard X, Evil Angel, ArchAngel—those are all anal scenes that I’ve done and I feel like I killed it in all of them.

“And I just had one come out with Passion-HD and Holed, also. Those are good ones. I’ve got a lot of stuff coming out that I’m waiting on that I think is going to be great. I’ve got Lubed coming out, which is going to be great because I got to work with Ryan Driller. He’s super chill.”

Wright may also have tapped into the law of attraction with some of her random Twitter posts. She recalls a night in early June when she tweeted a photo of herself with her roommate Chloe Scott on the beach. Not long after that the two were booked together for the first girl/girl scene for Rick Shameless’s site.

Their festive session—which included footage of them frolicking on the beach with sparklers—became Baeb’s special Fourth of July episode.

“It all ties in together,” Wright says. “I’m just enjoying the ride is what I’m doing because right now everything’s just going super great. There’s been consistency to what’s been happening lately.”

Wright points to “so many awesome people” that she’s met who are both industry peers and fans during her still burgeoning career.

“Sometimes I feel like it can be a little cutthroat, like competitive with some girls. Some people that you meet that kind of don’t have your best interests in mind. I get that everyone’s trying to make it out here and it can be competitive. But I do believe that the good completely outweighs the bad in that. There’s like 90 percent good compared to 10 percent bad,” Wright continues.

“I’ve had people spread a bunch of stuff about me that I was running off to Europe with male talent, that I was spreading rumors about other people and everything else. When I found everything out I was like, ‘Wait, you’re my friend.’ That’s just like a small case of it. Then you learn to isolate yourself from those people and find the good ones in the industry that are super supportive and sweet which I’ve found so many of them.”

Wright eased into adult-oriented work with her spur-of-the-moment decision to start dancing at a strip club after accompanying a male friend there and having a few drinks. She thought it’d be a quick stint.

“I said I’ll only do it for like a week or two, make my money and get out. Then I was like no, I loved it so much,” says Wright, who stripped for about 10 months. “Even now I love pole dancing. I don’t work anywhere but I love dancing. I do the dancing with the aerial silks and the Lyra—the metal hoop suspended in the air. I did so much of that dancing back in Oklahoma and I still would love to. I just need to find a dance studio because it was so much fun,” she says.

Just three months into her career, Wright received a Fan Voting nomination for 2017 AVN Hottest Newcomer for the January show.

“Which was amazing. I didn’t see that coming,” she says.

Now she’s looking forward to broadening her body of work with studios such as Brazzers.

“They called my agent only twice. Once I was in Europe and the second time I was in Dubai,” Wright says. “So yeah I’ve just been knocking goals of who I want to shoot for off my list and it’s going great. Goal-wise I just want to shoot for more companies and get as many scenes under my belt so hopefully I can be nominated again this year when that comes around. That would also be nice.

“Those are my industry goals, and I just want to travel more.”

Wright says traveling helped her self-confidence immeasurably.

“I love going to places I’ve never been before because it really just throws me out of my comfort zone because you just have to figure out everything by yourself,” Wright says. “I always find something that I’ll never forget out of every place I go.”

When she’s not on a porn set on in an airport, she often makes time to stand up for causes she believes in.

“I’m vegan and I’m a huge animal activist,” Wright says. “I do a lot of protests with Direct Action Everywhere. Almost every Sunday I go to a pig vigil, with like pigs coming in on trucks. And usually it’s from like Kentucky or Vermont all the way to LA to be pretty much killed. But they have like no water.”

Wright says about 172,000 pigs are injured during the cross-country trip to LA every year.

“So we just give them water and it’s not much. But it’s people showing them a little bit of kindness before they like are hauled off,” she says.

Speaking of animals, Wright recalls the joy she felt while volunteering for two days at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

“It’s elephants that have been rescued from circuses and those tourist things where they have you ride them and that was really great,” she says.

“It’s just fun because you get to feed them watermelons and these rice balls with like squished banana. And they’re so cute. They’re like puppies almost. If you give them sugar cane too they’ll just follow you around. And we get to go to the river and play with them in there and swim with them.”

While Wright is committed to the adult industry for the foreseeable future, she does give thought to her plans for after porn.  

“A year ago on this day I think I had just gotten back from a Europe trip and was planning another Europe trip after I thought I could never travel alone,” Wright says. “I thought that I was just going to go and find some job in Europe and make the necessary steps to move there. And then two years ago on this day I was in a serious, four-year long relationship where I thought I was going to marry the person and raise a family on a farm.

“My point is that it surprises me how every year my whole plan for my life—it’ll be going this way and then off the other way.

“I always think something that would be really fulfilling for me is if I could just finish the next two years of my RN’s license and then I would love to go to a place where no one wants to go. Because I really don’t have anyone tying me down and I’ve always loved helping people, and kids and animals, too. I thought maybe Africa and the Middle East. Every time I read those stories I think I have to put my phone down and kind of reflect on everything and be like, you know what, my life isn’t so bad.”

Wright at press time had also applied to LA Film School and was accepted for the next semester.

“I’ve even been talking to producers for The Oprah Winfrey Network or The Discovery Channel for bringing me on as a PA. That’s how my other friend from Oklahoma started,” Wright says. “I love the industry and even the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into it.

“I’ll figure it out, I have no doubt about that.”

Photo by Jeff Koga