Fresh Faces: Davina Davis


Fresh Faces: Davina Davis

LOS ANGELES—When Davina Davis steps off the porn set, chances are she’s practicing her strikes or hitting the weights.

A fitness model who trains in Krav Maga, the self-defense system developed for the Israeli military, Davis earned her yellow belt earlier this summer.

“It’s a good workout,” Davis says. “I do bag class, which is like basically the same thing as punching.”

The just-turned 22-year-old performer from Providence, Rhode Island, has been bringing that same energy to dozens of performances since March.

While only a handful of her new scenes had been released at press time, such as Digital Playground’s Secret Desires, Team Skeet’s My First Creampie No. 13 and Girlfriends Films’ Hot Box Lovers 2, she has several new ones scheduled to be unveiled soon for studios such as BamVisions, Naughty America, Nubiles, PornPros, Mofos and CherryPimps, among others.

“Everything’s been going pretty good,” Davis says. “It’s fun. It’s entertaining.”

While she continues to build up credits in primarily gonzo and vignette-style scenes, Davis says she would love to work in a full-fledged feature movie for a studio like Wicked Pictures.

“I did some mainstream, so I can act,” reveals Davis, whose mainstream work includes various comedy skits.

Now represented by LA Direct Models, Davis worked at Hollister for about six months and stripped for a year-and-a-half before moving to LA. She has also lived in New Orleans and Texas.

“I’m pretty independent,” she says. “I like to meet new people.”

In her spare time Davis also surfs and knows her way around a Lyra—or aerial hoop.

“I just have to find somewhere to hang it,” says Davis, who already has developed advanced skills. “I could learn anything in like five minutes on that. It’s just easy for me.”

She learned how to surf while living on the East Coast.

“I haven’t been in the water in like a year, until last month,” Davis says.

On the Fourth of July in 2016 she was partying with friends on Venice Beach when the hijinks took an unexpected turn.

“My idiot friends jumped in the ocean on the Fourth of July at like 3 a.m., like at Venice Pier, and the riptides took everyone out so I didn’t know what to do,” Davis says. “So I just went in and tried to get everybody out. We were out there for like 40 minutes, screaming and yelling.”

During her rescue efforts, Davis actually passed out from pulmonary edema, a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs, and washed up onshore. All of her friends got back to land safely with help from the Coast Guard.

“It was pretty crazy, so I didn’t go in for like a whole year,” Davis says.

Then last month her misfortunes on that stretch of Venice Beach continued.

“The whole block is cursed. I got hit by a bus when I was jogging and then three days later on Saturday I fractured my thumb because some homeless guy pushed me on the same corner. So I’m just not going there anymore,” she says.

“I was on the sidewalk and you know that yellow line when they take a right turn? [The bus driver] just completely ran over it and I had to push off of the bus and I landed on this old lady. I didn’t get hurt or anything. I reported him though—psycho driver.”

Her run-in with the homeless man happened when she was walking with her friend.

“He was like hollering at me and my friend and I just told him to go fuck himself,” Davis says, recalling she was wearing 7-inch heels at the time. “They think that I have a stress fracture in my thumb. It feels like it’s healing. I can move it so it’s probably okay. I’m like, what are the odds of the same corner?”

Going forward, Davis would like to someday shoot a full sex scene with two-time AVN Male Performer of the Year James Deen.

“I’m just going to see where I am in a few months, because I know when you’re new you get booked more,” Davis says. “I’ll just take it as far as I can go.”

Photo by Jeff Koga