Clinical Brunettes – Movie Trailer


‘So, I’d had just finished up with a patient. Let’s say I was doing something slightly unprofessional when I noticed my new nurse had seen everything. I turned around to see her by the door. However, I noticed she had lifted up her skirt and was touching herself. I bent her over and she started to lick my hot patient’s pussy whilst I lifted up her skirt and revealed her perfect ass! I thrust my tongue deep inside her! After I got her wet enough, I stood up and slipped my cock in and started fucking her gently from behind. Then I laid down on the bed and had them both sucking me off! It was incredible, two babes sucking my cock at the same time, life doesn’t get much better! . I finished by leaving my cum deep inside the nurses’ pussy and the patient cleaning up…with her tongue! I don’t think I’ve had a better day!’ – The Doctor