Can You Help Michael Zen’s Widow Find His ‘Penis Feet’ Video?


Can You Help Michael Zen's Widow Find His 'Penis Feet' Video?

LOS ANGELES—Well-respected director Michael Zen, whose features spanned the divide between straight and gay, passed away in early June, and when his wife Monica and camera operator Mark Kent were cataloging the materials Zen had collected during his 30-plus year career, they came across an odd wood carving (pictured) stuck in the back of one of his closets that neither of them could identify.

“Nobody seems to know which film this thing appeared in,” Kent wrote to AVN, “so I thought you or your readers may perhaps know the film in question.”

Sadly, no one here at AVN recalls ever seeing the sculpture, but we hypothesize that it most likely appeared in one of the gay features that Zen did for companies such as Coast To Coast Video, VCA’s HIS line, All Worlds Video, Channel 1 Releasing, Vivid Man, Adonis Pictures or Jet Set Productions. Several of those companies are still in business, so perhaps one of their personnel can help identify what we’ve dubbed the “Penis Feet.”

Michael Zen’s complete filmography can be found here.

But we’re also asking the porn-viewing public to help us help Zen’s widow identify this unique piece of art. If someone knows which movie(s) this sculpture appeared in, please send the title(s) to [email protected] and we will convey the information.