Alexa Grace – Bio, Life And Career


Alexa Grace - Bio, Life And Career

Name Alexa Grace, Renee Marie
Born November 4, 1994 in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
Height 5 ft 10 in (177 cm)
Weight 121 lbs (55 Kg)
Measurements 32A-24-36

Alexa Grace - Bio, Life And CareerLife Before Porn

Alexa GraceAlexa Grace was born on November 4, 1994 in Red Bank, New Jersey. She is really tall and slender, just perfect to be one of the best cheerleaders in her school. She spent almost her entire high school time being a cheerleader, but also did martial arts. When she was 15, almost 16 she lost her virginity to her then boyfriend. In her sophomore year she experimented with girls, but she never had actual sex with them. During this period and while on college, Alexa had a lot of partners and entered the porn world with a great deal of sexual experience.

Porn Career

Prior her porn career, Alexa was doing artistic nudes; being a tall blonde with a toned body she was often getting porn offers. Her model agent was telling her that a lot of porn agencies are interested in her, but Alexa never accepted it because she was afraid that it will affect her further career as a model. In 2014, just a day after Thanksgiving, she and her friend went to the mall and her car wasn’t able to start and she only had $50 in her pocket. With no other sources of income, she decided to call her agent and accept the porn offers, because it was the only way for her to earn quick money.
Alexa GraceBefore she shot her first scene (girl on girl) she practiced a lot with a girl, but the first scene she shot was a terrible experience. The crew was unprofessional: they were constantly making breaks in order to smoke weed, their cameras were not fully charged etc. Alexa spent 9 hours filming and actually left the set the following day. At the beginning of her career she was performing under the alias Renee Marie but she didn’t like it. She was watching the film Spy Kids and got inspired from the actress Alexa Vega; she thought that the actress was really cool and sexy so she decided to pick her name. Alexa has filmed in almost all genres such as interracial, threesome, lesbian, softcore, feet, creampie, massage and so on.

Personal Life

Alexa studies film in Florida and is currently in a relationship with a guy who was previously her friend. He is very supportive of her work. Everybody, but her parents know about her porn career, and she finds it funny how they still haven’t have found out. Alexa’s Alexa Grace - Bio, Life And Careerbody is fully natural and she only has a piercing on her navel.
She loves tall guys with a good personality.In her spare time she loves to draw and to cook. In the future Alexa doesn’t see herself in the porn, because she works this job solely because of the money and to support her college studies. She sees herself in the mainstream film industry; more precisely she would want to operate with the camera.


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